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Hallo-wine Party!

     Join us for our first ever Hallo-Wine party! The ghosts, ghouls and mad scientists will all be here for an evening promising to be so fun it is scary.... The evenings festivities will feature fantastic live music by Martin John, a costume contest, games and prizes.

     See what your future holds, visit the Oracle.*  Finger food will be provided, but feel free to bring your own treats!

Sat. Oct 28th 6:30pm - 9:30pm Free Admission

Reservations are recommended, but not necessary. Call the winery to reserve your spot today.

*(Fee for oracle reading may apply, readings are intended for entertainment purposes only).

Fun Facts - Ice Wine

     Ever wonder just what makes Ice Wine special?

In 1794, a wine producer in Germany found himself in a tough situation: his grapes had frozen on the vine and he was forced to press juice from frozen fruit. The result of this happy accident was ice wine (eiswein in German), a dessert wine known for its full body and fruity taste and aroma.

     Today, in order to be considered a true Ice Wine, grapes must freeze naturally on the vine and then the grapes themselves must be pressed while still frozen. Frozen grapes only generate about one-fifth of the juice that non-frozen grapes do, so far more grapes are required to produce even a small bottle of Ice Wine.

     Stop in at J & P Winery to try some of our delicious Vidal Ice Wine today!

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